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Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit

Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit

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Pondmaster Filter System Kits combine the easy-to-use PondMaster Filter Box with a high-tech fully submersible Mag-Drive water pump. In this submersible pond filter water is drawn into a coarse filter pad to trap debris, then through a finer, carbon-impregnated pad to further purify the water.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sits conveniently at the bottom of your pond
  • Fountain head can be detached to attach to a waterfall feature if desired
  • Made in the USA

Filter media is included. A sturdy handle allows the filter to be placed where needed and easily removed for cleaning. UL-listed for safety.

Includes: Filter Box, Mag Drive Pump, 2 Fountain Heads, Vinyl Tubing, All Fittings, Poly, and Carbon Filter Pads.

190: Ponds up to 400 Gallons (190 GPH Max Flow) - NOTE: Suitable for Small to Medium Ponds and Containers.
1250: Ponds up to 600 Gallons (250 GPH Max Flow)
1350: Ponds up to 800 Gallons (350 GPH Max Flow)
1500: Ponds up to 1,000 Gallons (500 GPH Max Flow)
1700: Ponds up to 1,250 Gallons (700 GPH Max Flow)

Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit Specifications:
Fountain Head Height: 19" Tall (may be cut to desired length)
Models 190-1250: 10' Long Cord
Models 1350-1700: 18' Long Cord
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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