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Lees Original Under Gravel Filter for Aquariums

Lees Original Under Gravel Filter for Aquariums

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Lees Under gravel Filter is the key to providing a strong biological filtration system. Aquarium under gravel filters utilize your tank's gravel substrate as a filtering surface area while providing oxygen to help aerate your aquarium water.

  • Provides biological filtration and aeration to aquarium
  • Includes airline diffusers, carbon cartridges, Discard-A-Stone, and fish-saver feature
  • For use in fresh and saltwater aquariums
  • Must be attached to an air pump or powerhead (sold separately)

Placed on the bottom surface of the aquarium, the filter plates utilize the gravel bed as a source of surface area for bio-filtration and provide oxygen by recirculating the water down through the media and up through the uplift tubes. The advanced design allows separate plate installation and features an optional flow-thru setup, which can be used with a powerhead. Adjustable 1" uplift tubes provide superior water circulation. The filter is made of special, premium quality plastic that resists splitting and cracking.

Lees Original Under Gravel Filter Configurations and Dimensions:
2.5 gallon (6" x 12")
5.5 gallon (7.5" x 15")
10 gallon (10" x 20")
15-20 gallon (12" x 24")
20 gallon (10" x 30")
29 gallon (12" x 30" or 10" x 36")
30 gallon (12" x 36")
40-55 gallon (12" x 48")
55 gallons (12" x 48" or 15" x 36")
60-90 gallon (15" x 48" or 12" x 60")
90-100 gallon (15" x 60" or 12" x 72")
115-150 gallon (15" x 72" or 12" x 84")

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